Brandweer Enkhuizen

Brandweer Enkhuizen fight vigorously to protect lives, properties, and maintain public safety. For over 20 years of service, we remain committed to our responsibilities while aiming for excellence to serve you better.

Tribute to The Brave Firefighters

To all the firefighters around the world who risk their lives for the sake of others, we honour you. We salute to your bravery. People may not see how hard you work, yet you continue to fight for the safety of others. You stay awake when the rest of the world sleep. You spent hours away with your loved ones to be of service. All the sacrifices you have made don’t go to waste. To all the firefighters who gave up their lives to save the lives of others, to all the firefighters who faced dangers time and time again, you are a true hero.

Emergency Medical Services and Assistance

Brandweer Enkhuizen supports the campaign for fast and reliable emergency medical services. We no longer just fight fires, we also fight for the lives of people who are experiencing a medical emergency. Time is the enemy when it comes to emergencies. An immediate response should be executed especially if we are talking about life and death situations. Our passion for serving others compelled our station to work with local hospitals as their extended emergency response team. Our firefighters are trained to give first aid to buy more time for the patient. We’ll also exhaust our resources to rush someone to the nearest hospital when the ambulance is preoccupied with another emergency. Brandweer Enkhuizen existence is not just to fight devastating fires, the reason for our existence is to give reassurance to the people that when they call, a help will certainly come.

Monthly Drill

Brandweer Enkhuizen conducts special training from one location to another. We invite kids and adults to learn about firemen’s drill and spread awareness about fire prevention. Our monthly drills have benefited schools and private companies. We have trained them on how to act when there’s fire and when there are other emergencies that threaten their safety in a building. We’ve also introduced the basics of first aid. But the best lesson we have imparted is “don’t rely on luck”. We think that we will always get lucky, but when bad luck hits you hard, you have to be prepared. The problem with house fire is that people think that they are always safe. And they bought this idea that somehow their property got protection against those devastating events. These ideas of complacency are dangerous. We are not trying to be pessimistic, but prevention will always be, and forever will be better than cure. That’s a fact, folks.

Are You Fit To be a Firefighter?

Do you want to be a firefighter? Let’s see how fit you are. Join our fitness training and assessments. Aside from being physically fit, we also need firefighters who got a strong character and remarkable courage. Don’t expect the training to be a piece of cake. Get ready to experience the firefighters training the Brandweer Enkhuizen’s way.