Being a firefighter is more than just wearing the “glory badge”. It goes beyond bragging rights or title. For all firefighter’s wannabes, here’s our advice to you: wear your badge and the name of your station in your heart and not in your head. Pursue excellence and never settle for being the second best.

Ready to Eat Criticisms For Breakfast

Bad news travels than good news. Always remember that there will people who will be bad mouthing your station, don’t let them affect you personally. You can also find some of these criticisms online. Sometimes they do that because they will buy traffic for website to get more attention. They don’t care about the damage they may cause to others. Again, don’t let them take your passion in your career. Eat them for breakfast.


Stay Away from Corruption

Controversies about fire stations’ higher ranked officials take part in corruption are often true. If you suspect anomalies happening at your station, don’t be part of it. Kill it before it becomes a poison. Report them to authorities no matter how difficult it would be. They can be your friends, but don’t let friendship stand in the way of doing the right thing. Man up young lad. Corruption is like a poison that slowly kills. It can totally damage your station’s reputation.

Get Ready for High Expectations

A firefighter’s job is not for the faint-hearted. You’ll be stretched and develop a strong character that you can take with you wherever you go. Get ready for high expectations from your chiefs. Get ready to sacrifice and even go farther than you thought you could go. Have persistence when things are falling apart. You probably understand why firefighters had to go through intensive training, because it is not an easy job.

Be Part of a Brotherhood that You’ll Cherish for a Lifetime

Despite the challenges you might experience on the job, there are perks of being a firefighter. You’ll be part of a brotherhood that you will cherish for a lifetime. Protect one another in every callout. But don’t tolerate them when they are doing something wrong that might cause damage to your station’s reputation. Be a big brother.