How we can schedule monthly drills with you?

Our monthly drills are done to spread awareness about safety. Inviting us over to speak with your organization and or school is a good choice. If you want to invite us to conduct our monthly drills in your organization, you may contact our chief battalion and he will provide you with the most suitable date.


Is there a requirement to be part of your fireman’s training?

Yes. Our training is intensive, so participants should be at the right age and also are physically and mentally fit. To know more about the training requirements, please contact us.


Do you get bogus calls?

Unfortunately yes. We take every call urgently, and we will not qualify upfront whether the call is legitimate or bogus. Someone might think of these activities as fun, yet they don’t consider the gravity of their actions. If by any chance we get a false alarm and got a solid proof who made the call, that individual will be fined.


You mentioned about being in the community. Why is this important?

Being active in the community we serve creates valuable relationships. We believe that we all want safety and peace of mind. This audacious goal cannot be done by us alone if the community is united, the easier we can maintain peace and safety for everyone.


How can we honour firefighters who lost their lives in the quest of saving others?

When we have decided to embark on our role as a firefighter, we know that danger would inevitable. We’ve lost some good firemen in the process. Not only we lost comrades, but also those firemen were a father, a husband, and a son. We can honour them when we give our support to their families.


Do you work with insurance companies?

Brandweer Enkhuizen doesn’t work directly with any insurance companies. Our connection to them is limited to billing if your house or property got insurance.